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Here is just a partial list of Professional Horses who have used Pulsed Energy
(*Has run in Kentucky Derby):

Kafwain*--Santa Anita Derby Show 2003 (3nd)
Ten Most Wanted*--Illinois Derby Winner 2003
Indian Express*--Santa Anita Derby Place 2003 (2nd)
Senior Swinger*
Elloluv--Ashland Stakes 2003 Winner

Dubai 2010-Equine show

Dubai 2010-Equine show

Dubai 2010-Horse Sessions

Dubai 2010-Horse Sessions

Dubai 2010-Camel Sessions

Dubai 2010-Camel Sessions

Emerald Downs Seattle, WA Feb. 09:

Emerald Downs Seattle, WA Feb. 09

Equine Sessions:

Equine Sessions

Equine Affair Horse Exposition Jan 31st-Feb 3rd--Pomona, CA:

Equine Affair Horse Exposition Jan 31st-Feb 3rd--Pomona, CA


Australia 10/07-11/07:

Australia 10/07-11/07


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